C&S completes efficiency improvements

C&S Manufacturing recently received a $7,051 Efficiency Improvement Incentive from Sturgeon Bay Utilities for installation of a new air compressor and no air-loss drains. The manufacturer of stamped parts replaced two less-efficient air compressors with one 125-horsepower variable-speed-drive air compressor in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

“Commercial and business customers are some of the largest consumers of energy. SBU continues to work hard to promote the efficient use of energy in the community by encouraging its customers to take advantage of a variety of energy-efficiency funding options,” said Melissa Moren, energy services representative.

SBU offers efficiency improvement incentives through its Main Street Efficiency Program and Focus on Energy. Small to medium-sized businesses in Sturgeon Bay are eligible to apply for Main Street Efficiency Program incentives.

Eligible projects include new electrical energy-saving or demand-reducing measures that will result in lasting impacts and that meet minimum efficiency requirements set by the program. Project examples include agricultural process equipment, compressed air systems, electric chillers, food service measures, guest room energy management controls, HVAC, and motors and drives.

Moren said the project also benefits for Sturgeon Bay in terms of C&S Manufacturing’s reduced energy consumption. Moren estimates that as a result of the project, C&S will save approximately $4,837 on electricity costs and 69,100 kilowatt-hours annually.

“Energy conservation is the most practical and effective way that we can help protect the environment and keep customers’ electric bills down for the long term,” Moren said. “When our customers take steps to conserve, they not only save on energy costs, but they also help to lessen demands on the local electric system.”

SBU offers an array of additional programs and services, including financial incentives, to help customers make efficiency improvements. For more information, contact SBU at (920) 746-2820.

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