An eye to the future. A focus on what's next.

Often, the best ideas come from those who live and work near the issues at hand. Have you had an aha moment, a big idea, that you think could propel energy efficiency forward in Wisconsin? Now it's your turn to create innovative solutions for the future of efficiency. We'd like to hear it!

What is the Future Focus Initiative?

This is research and development re-imagined. It's fresh ideas. It's crowd-sourced innovation. It's a way to find the next big thing. We're looking to find the best of the best energy-saving ideas and test them.

Why submit an idea?

We need to create fresh, innovative approaches in the market. We want to accelerate energy and money savings for Wisconsin utility customers. And you can help! New ideas may include research topics, pilot proposals, program suggestions, energy-saving measures, or anything that may benefit Wisconsin and Focus on Energy’s mission and goals.

Thanks for sharing!

Great ideas from this program will end up improving the lives of the people of Wisconsin. We can’t get to the next level without input and great ideas from you.

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To learn about past research and pilot initiatives, take a look at our completed project reports. Visit our RFP page for current postings.

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