Renewable Energy

Add cost-effective renewable energy to your facility by tapping into valuable financial incentives.

2017 RECIP Update

The fall Renewable Energy Competitive Incentive Program (RECIP) call for proposals is now open, please visit our Current RFP Postings page for more information. The results of the last round are posted below, please direct any inquiries about the results or current round to

Click here to view the Pre-proposal webinar.


Total # Applicants

Total $ Requested

Total # Awarded

Total $ Awarded

Biogas 2 $800,000 1 $400,000
Biomass 0 - 0 -
Geothermal 1 $47,238 0 -
Solar PV 101 $5,624,069 60 3,628,694
Solar Thermal 0 - 0 -
Wind 0 - 0 -







Prescriptive Renewable Incentives

Focus on Energy offers incentives up to $4,000 for the installation of Solar Electric (PV) or $650 for the installation of a Ground Source Heat Pump (Geothermal). This incentive is available to commercial properties (e.g. any property outside of a 1-3 unit home), but cannot be used in conjunction with RECIP funds. Learn more

Renewable Energy Loans

As of October 20th, 2016, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission has discontinued the Renewable Energy Revolving Loan Fund. Focus on Energy is no longer accepting new loan applications.

  • If you have a pending application for a renewable energy loan, please contact the program at 608.203.0115 to inquire on status.

  • Focus on Energy plans to continue to work with lenders across Wisconsin to support financing opportunities for renewable energy technology.


Feasibility Study for Existing or New Anaerobic Digester Facilities for Use of Biogas as a Renewable Energy Source

Focus on Energy offers feasibility study grants designed to encourage end-users to undertake renewable energy biogas projects at existing or new anaerobic digester facilities.  Study grants are also provided for assessing the feasibility of installing new on-site anaerobic pretreatment facilities. These grants assist Wisconsin businesses in overcoming financial barriers to make the study and conceptual engineering of complex upgrades possible. Grant Application and Guidelines can be downloaded below: