Summer Energy Savings Tips for Your Home and Business
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Summer has finally settled in and FOCUS ON ENERGY® has some advice to save energy and money in your home or business. Check out our summer energy efficiency tips below to improve your overall comfort, save on utility bills and help Wisconsin’s environment.

For Your Home
Keep your refrigerator/freezer full. Your refrigerator/freezer uses energy much more efficiently when you keep it stocked full of food rather than leaving it partially or mostly empty.* If you have an old, working-condition fridge or freezer just taking up space and wasting energy, recycle it through Focus on Energy for free – we’ll even come pick it up for you.

Grill outside. Cooking indoors on the stove or oven produces more heat in your home that you don't want in the summer. Save on cooling costs by using the grill to cook your meals outside.

Wash clothes in cold water. Just like taking a cold shower, washing your clothes in cold water reduces the energy used by your water heater to produce warm water. Also, make sure your equipment is ENERGY STAR® certified so you know it’s as energy efficient as possible.**

Use ceiling/portable fans. Turn off your AC or set it to a higher temperature and let ceiling fans and/or portable fans cool you down at home. This will save you money on your electric bill and help fend off the summer heat. Use a programmable smart thermostat to automatically control your home’s temperature settings throughout the day. Learn what incentives Focus on Energy offers for smart thermostats.

Install Low-E storm windows to keep the hot air out and the cold air in. ENERGY STAR® certified Low-E storm windows can save you $350 (about 10%) on your annual heating and cooling bills.** Low-E storm windows produce similar energy savings to ENERGY STAR certified replacement windows, but for as low as 25% of the cost – plus, Focus on Energy offers a 25% instant discount on Low-E storm windows at participating retailers.

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For Your Business

Get an energy audit. Kick off the season with an energy audit, which evaluates your business and provides a comprehensive look of all the areas where you can improve your energy efficiency. Find a Focus on Energy Trade Ally contractor at to schedule an energy audit today.

Turn the thermostat up or off during unoccupied hours and on weekends. When no one is in the building, there's no need to waste energy cooling down your facility. Use a smart or programmable thermostat to preset your preferred temperature settings.

When replacing old equipment, purchase ENERGY STAR models. Once your business equipment reaches the end of its lifetime, look for ENERGY STAR certified equipment with which to replace it. When you do, your business will see reduced utility bill costs and energy savings ranging from 10% to 70%, depending on the type of equipment.** Reach out to your local Energy Advisor from Focus on Energy to see equipment upgrades and incentives for which your business qualifies. Find an Energy Advisor at

Involve and motivate your staff. It's almost impossible to effectively create an energy-efficient business by yourself. Get your team involved in waste-reducing practices and excited about making energy-saving changes to their work environments and habits.

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Posted July 2019. Updated December 2019.

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