Start Your Energy Efficiency Journey with a Personalized Home Energy Assessment
Understand Your Home’s Energy Use

Free, Virtual Energy Assessment

Our virtual energy assessment is an online tool that gives you a high-level overview of how much energy your heating systems are using and what you can do to take some of the load off your energy bill. Simply answer a few questions about your home and the tool will recommend energy-saving opportunities that make sense for you. It’s free and only takes about 10 minutes! Watch the video and learn more!

Virtual Home Energy Review
Find an Energy Expert

Professional Home Energy Assessment

A Building Performance Institute Certified Trade Ally can perform detailed in-home energy assessments. These energy experts will evaluate your home's energy consumption and look for common energy wasters. After their review, you will receive a customized report with energy-saving recommendations tailored to your home. The contractor can help you prioritize efficiency upgrades before pricing out the work, presenting a contract, and completing the improvements.

We recommend a professional home energy assessment. Focus on Energy offers higher air sealing rebates for customers who complete a home energy assessment. There is a cost for this service.

The video offers more information on what to expect during your professional home energy assessment.

Find a Trade Ally for a Home Energy Assessment

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