See what ice dams meant for Becky’s home - and possibly yours

Becky R. was enjoying the holidays with family in her Brookfield, Wisconsin home when she noticed a thick layer of ice on her roof deck, with large icicles forming on the rain gutters. The cause? Ice dams, which form when heat escapes through the ceiling to melt the snow above.

When a contractor came to check things out, Becky quickly realized the bigger issue at hand: her attic lacked proper insulation. This situation isn’t uncommon and it can really impact a home, especially during cold Wisconsin winters. When poor insulation leads to ice dams, it results in water seeping under the shingles and potentially serious damage. It’s also a strong sign that the home is wasting energy and letting heat escape.

Becky turned to FOCUS ON ENERGY® for help not only to reduce the likelihood of ice dams, but to make her home more efficient, comfortable and livable. She connected with a qualified contractor, received incentives to lower her projects costs and made the necessary upgrades to bring out the best in her home.

Check out our video for a closer look at Becky’s story.

These are the kinds of experiences that make our work together so rewarding. If you think your home may be facing similar issues, take a look at our solutions including insulation and air sealing.

Posted January 2020.

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