Keeping the Extreme Winter Cold Out of Your Home
Stop Shivering!

Keep Winter Outside

Negative wind chills aren’t a surprise in Wisconsin come January and February. What could be surprising is feeling that chill inside your home despite the furnace running and the thermostat at 68°. If you’re feeling the cold seeping into your home or are wondering how to lower your energy bills and be comfortable all year long, here are six actions you can take RIGHT NOW with Focus on Energy helping you.

Explore Energy Efficiency Rebates for Your Home
Home Assessment

You have two options and one of them is FREE! The free-online home assessment tool on the Focus on Energy website will get you started. By entering home information such as home age, types of appliances, types of insulation, number of windows, etc., the online tool will tell you what changes you need to make to your home to not only save money and energy, but to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

After using the tool, we suggest turning to a Focus on Energy Trade Ally to complete a more thorough home assessment. We go to doctors for physicals, Focus on Energy Trade Allies are doctors for your home that come TO YOU! The tests they run include blower door tests to find air leakage, Infrared scanning to locate air leakage points throughout the house, HVAC, Ventilation, and Duct Testing. After the testing, their report will offer in-depth, energy-efficient recommendations as well as how much money you will save monthly by taking advantage of Focus on Energy rebates.

Insulation and Air Sealing
Insulation and Air Sealing

After a home assessment, your Trade Ally will more than likely suggest insulation and air sealing to start the energy-efficiency journey for your home. Insulating and air sealing your home is THE EASIEST and QUICKEST way to maintain year-round home comfort. A Focus on Energy Trade Ally can complete the project for you and take care of the rebates. If you’re handy and want to do-it-yourself, that’s an option and rebates are waiting for you! Make sure you qualify for rebates before starting this DIY project.

Also, check out how air sealing works and why you should get your home air sealed.

Heating and Cooling
Heating and Cooling

Furnaces over 15-years-old are not helping your home heating bills. If your furnace has reached this age, or if you are noticing loud noises coming from the furnace, it is time for an upgrade. Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems can consume up to 30% less energy while keeping you comfortable with consistent temperatures.

The most efficient way to stay comfortable through all four seasons is to install an air source heat pump in your home. Focus on Energy is now offering up to $1,300 in rebates to help more homeowners take advantage of this ultra-efficient technology. Focus on Energy also offers money-back for qualified heating and cooling equipment when you make improvements using a Focus on Energy Trade Ally Contractor.

Also, replace your furnace filters monthly during the cold months and every three months the rest of the year.

Smart Thermostats
Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are the masters of keeping you warm and cozy while saving you energy and money. Their secret: auto adjust features. Whether you change the settings remotely or let the thermostat take the reins, these features are convenient and cost-efficient. And buying a smart thermostat can be easier and cheaper than you think. The Online Marketplace has great deals on a variety of popular smart thermostats.

Window Coverings

Curtains, shades, and drapes provide more insulation than you might expect. Draw your window coverings during the extremely cold days as well as when you leave your home during the day to keep heat from escaping. Low-E Storm Windows create a tight seal and a layer of insulating airspace over existing windows. These storm windows also keep heat out during the summer, leading to a 12-33% annual decrease on heating and cooling bills.

They're FREE!

Have you ordered your once-a-year FREE energy-saving pack yet? It’s an easy way to experience quick energy benefits. You’ll find a variety of products that will help you save energy this winter. There are several different packs, and they include pipe insulation to reduce heat loss from your hot water pipes as well as high-efficiency showerheads, advanced power strips, and ENERGY STAR® Certified LED bulbs.

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