How to Make Your Home Healthier This Flu Season

As cold and flu season approaches, it's especially important to have healthy air quality in our homes. Exposure to allergens and air pollutants can make sickness and cold symptoms worse, according to research from Johns Hopkins University. Here are some steps you can take to protect your home and family.

  • Improve your insulation. It will make your house more energy-efficient, helps keep the cozy heat inside, and eliminates drafts. Air sealing while insulating prevents those allergens and pollutants from entering. This is especially important if you have family members suffering from a low immune system, asthma, or allergies.
  • Have your heating system and ventilation inspected. By making sure equipment is in good working order and identifying issues such as dry air and dust, you’ll be more confident in the comfort and health of your home heading into the colder weather.
  • Change your air filters. It’s easy to forget, but by simply following the manufacturer’s recommendations and replacing your air filters on schedule, your heating system will work more efficiently, with cleaner air moving into your home.
  • Don’t block air vents. Position your furniture so there’s plenty of space around vents to allow proper airflow.
  • Clean and vacuum. Sometimes even the simplest solutions have a big impact. Routinely dusting, vacuuming, and picking up around the house can always help you feel better and has positive health benefits.

Energy-efficient solutions can go a long way to helping you maintain a cleaner, healthier home. If you have any questions or want to take a closer look at your current insulation and heating equipment, FOCUS ON ENERGY® is here for you. Check out our cash incentives and resources for healthy home improvements.

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