Here's the Latest in Smart Thermostat Technology

Smart thermostats have been on the cutting edge for some time, with many models boasting touch-screen digital interfaces and remote control through your phone or computer. But some newer models are taking innovation to the next level.

Voice technology has finally arrived in home energy products. The new ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control has full Alexa functionality built-in, so you can ask it to adjust the temperature, check the weather, and even play music. Plus, it comes with a SmartSensor in the box that helps keep every room comfortable by adjusting the thermostat based on room occupancy and your local weather information.

Two of the biggest names in home technology are teaming up. Last month, Google announced that it will be partnering with Nest to create Google Nest. This means that existing and future Nest models will offer increased security and seamless integration with other Google products.

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A mother and son read a book together on the couch. A smart thermostat can be seen on the wall in the background.

Updated 1/2023

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