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Electric Wire Podcast: Episode 42

All About Wisconsin’s Energy Efficiency Program

Why does Wisconsin have an energy efficiency/renewable energy program?

What does Focus on Energy REALLY do?

How does Focus on Energy work - who pays for it?

How do homeowners, businesses, farmers, and communities benefit from Focus on Energy beyond saving money on energy bills and cutting energy waste?

Wisconsin manufacturers use A LOT of energy 24/7/365 – do those businesses take part?

How do Focus on Energy Advisors work with Wisconsin industries and businesses?

What are the financial benefits Focus on Energy is providing to Wisconsin?

The Electric Wire Podcast answers these questions and questions you might not have thought of!

Key Moments

4:43 – What is the Focus on Energy program?

5:50 – When, how, and why was Focus on Energy created?

7:15 – More on the roles of the program’s administrator, APTIM; the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin; and, the Statewide Energy Efficiency and Renewable Administration

9:55 – How is Focus on Energy funded and what is the relationship between the state’s electric utilities and Focus on Energy?

14:35 – What does Focus on Energy do for Wisconsin’s electric customers?

17:30 – How does the program reach out to customers about available offerings?

18:48 – How are decisions made about what energy efficiency programs to offer?

22:50 – What are the costs and benefits of the program?

23:40 – More on the benefits of the program (bill savings, grid improvements, environmental, and economic benefits)

29:10 – What are the top performing programs? (Industrial projects; discussion of LED lightbulbs)

39:00 – Related federal funding from the Inflation Reduction Act

43:50 – The Quadrennial Planning Process

48:30 – Renewable energy funding

50:29 – Issues that arose during COVID-19 pandemic

Links from Episode

Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy Success Stories

Online Home Assessment Tool Walkthrough

Focus on Energy Annual Reports

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

APTIM (Focus on Energy Program Administrator)

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