Everyone Deserves a Comfortable Home: Income-based Incentives

Cozy comfort and energy savings can make a difference for any household. If you’re feeling the burden of monthly energy bills or a drafty home, you may be eligible for extra home improvement incentives based on income.

FOCUS ON ENERGY® offers income-based Tier 2 incentives for a variety of energy efficiency improvements, including:

  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Insulation
  • Sealing air leaks

We know that everyone deserves comfort and peace of mind in their home, and we offer these higher incentives to make energy-efficient solutions more affordable and accessible to those who may need them most.

Do you qualify?

Income-based Tier 2 incentives are available to customers whose income is at or below 80% of the state median income. These incentives help offset the upfront project costs and make it possible to save energy and improve your home comfort.

Get started

If you are thinking about repairing or replacing your heating equipment, sealing air leaks or updating insulation, reach out to a Focus on Energy Trade Ally. They can help you assess your options and save extra with Tier 2 incentives.

See if you qualify for income-based incentives.

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