Energy, Daylight Saving, and the Farmer Myth

Plain ol' Standard Time

Other than a handful of states and territories, most of us will be “falling back” on the first Sunday of November (November 5th, 2023) as we wave goodbye to that extra hour of sunlight and return to plain ol’ Standard Time. There are many passionate disagreements between the Standards and the Savers. Regardless of the side you choose to fight for, learn why Daylight Saving Time even exists.

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Stop Blaming Farmers

Farmers somehow got the blame for needing the change our clocks twice a year. It’s the exact opposite. Farmers don’t need to have their schedules disrupted, neither do the animals. No one likes their schedules disrupted! The extra hour of daylight is most beneficial for…retailers, entertainment venues, stadiums, and small business owners. People tend to be more active when there’s more daylight. Benjamin Franklin realized this and had an idea of how to save daylight, but it really wasn’t what we now call Daylight Saving Time.

Energy Savings

Germany became the first country to “spring forward” during WW1. The military saved on fuel. Great Britain and the U.S. did the same and instituted Daylight Saving Time again in WW2. But when it comes to saving electricity and lowering energy costs, there is continued debate and contradictory studies; one study found gaining an hour increased electricity demand by 1 percent.

If you REALLY want to save energy and money in your home, start here since changing a clock an hour forward or backward isn’t the same as insulating/air sealing or heating/cooling upgrades.

Focus on Energy Rebates
Attempts to End Clock Confusion

The Sunshine Protection Act is not even seeing the light of day despite passage in the United States Senate. The bill would keep clocks on daylight saving time and end falling back to darkness every November.

For now, remember to turn your clocks back (are there many clocks that don’t automatically change these days?) before going to bed!

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