Top signs your home has moisture issues

There are a lot of ways your household produces moisture. Cooking, washing and even breathing puts moisture in the air. The most concerning moisture and mold-related issues are typically caused by bad ventilation, improper air sealing and poor insulation. Repairs can be tricky and costly the longer you wait.

Know the top warning signs:

•    Persistent and severe window or wall condensation
•    Water stains, mold and mildew on walls or ceiling

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to have a professional take a closer look. Common sources of moisture include exposed soil in the crawlspace or basement area, a leaky roof or plumbing, and unvented exhaust from your kitchen or laundry. Bathrooms, gutters, hot tubs and fish tanks are also common trouble spots.

Know your resources

FOCUS ON ENERGY® can help. We’ll connect you with a Trade Ally contractor to evaluate your current moisture issues, repair any damage and make improvements like new insulation and air sealing to prevent future trouble. You could also be eligible for financial incentives.

To get started, find a Trade Ally contractor at or call 855.339.8866.


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Posted May 2019

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