5 Steps to Banish Stuffy Rooms

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5 Steps to Banish Stuffy Rooms

When summer heats up, nobody likes a stuffy room. It’s stale, uncomfortable and can even mean bigger issues like mold or mildew in your home. If you have rooms that feel stuffy or you notice a stuffy smell, it’s best to find a fix as soon as you can. Here are some tips that can help you say goodbye to stuffy summers.


Stuffy air typically occurs in rooms that lack ventilation. Open windows and doors, or run your ventilation system if you have one. Some areas of the home may also need spot ventilation. Adding a bathroom or kitchen fan near the moisture or pollution source helps to solve common problems. It’s all about diluting that stale air.

Use fans

Fans can really make a difference, especially in rooms without windows and homes that don’t have central air. By using ceiling fans, or portable fans for trouble spots, you can keep the air moving and avoid stuffy air and that stale smell.


If your stale air problems are caused by moisture, a dehumidifier can help by taking that moisture right out of the air in any room that’s giving you trouble.

Update insulation

Properly installed insulation brings all kinds of benefits to your home, from adding comfort to lowering energy costs.

Seal air leaks

If you’re adding insulation, we recommend talking to your contractor about sealing air leaks at the same time so warm, humid air from the outside can’t sneak in. Even the tiniest gaps can also allow dust, pollutants and condensation into your home. Air sealing makes your insulation and heating and cooling system more effective, while also working to eliminate stuffy air.

Are you concerned about summer stuffiness in your home? Check out our resources and incentives for insulation, air sealing and other whole-home solutions.

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