3 energy-saving tips for your home remodel

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3 energy-saving tips for your home remodel

Home remodeling is more than cabinets and countertops. Energy-saving improvements are also part of the mix and can make a big difference for your comfort and utility costs. If you’re in the process of remodeling, consider these energy efficiency tips.

Seal and insulate

A leaky, drafty house means less comfort for you and a heavier workload for your heating and cooling system. Adding insulation and sealing air leaks around attics, interior walls, windows, doors and fixtures goes a long way. 

You’ll improve comfort and indoor air quality, and you can cut your heating and cooling costs by 15% or more, according to ENERGY STAR®. Plus, FOCUS ON ENERGY® offers cash incentives to help cover project costs.


Look for the ENERGY STAR

If you are upgrading your appliances or heating and cooling equipment, make sure you choose ENERGY STAR certified products. These products are designed and tested to provide reliable performance and energy savings, and you may be able to find cash incentives for qualified solutions.

Light your way to savings

Save energy with every light bulb when you switch to ENERGY STAR certified LEDs. LED bulbs use about 90% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and there’s an LED for just about any light fixture. We offer discount pricing at our online marketplace so you can take advantage of this easy energy improvement.

Looking for more ways to include energy efficiency in your remodeling plans? Explore your options and find incentives.

Posted August 2020.

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