120V HPWH Research (Phase II)

This research project is a field study in Wisconsin and other Midwestern states to assess cold climate performance for 120-volt heat pump water heaters in the Midwest. The field assessment of 120V HPWHs will validate the performance of this new class of water heaters in cold climates to address decarbonization and energy saving opportunities in Wisconsin. Field validation will provide evidence of performance for the supply chain and help design program strategies to effectively target the best applications.

Implementer: Slipstream
Timeline: March 2023- December 2024
Sector: Residential

Heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) use heat pump technology to heat your water more efficiently than standard water heaters, including electric resistance and gas- or propane-fired water heaters.

Many existing HPWHs need a 240-volt connection to work, which may require a costly panel upgrade in your home. A 120-volt heat pump water heater, however, works with any electrical outlet.

Focus on Energy is conducting a field study to test how well 120-volt HWPHs work in real homes.

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