Why air sealing should be on your to-do list

Even tiny leaks in your home can impact your comfort, air quality and energy bill. When air slips through the cracks, your heating and cooling system has to work overtime, and excess moisture and contaminants can sneak in. A leaky house is also a drafty house, and that’s never good for day-to-day comfort. Air sealing solves these problems.

But first, you need to know where the leaks are. Some of the most common areas for air leaks include attics, interior walls, electrical outlets and light fixtures, and of course windows and doors. These are spots where it’s easy for warm air to escape or enter, and where noise, dust and pollutants can gain an unwanted all-access pass.

A smart combination of insulation and air sealing is the ideal solution, helping you:

•    Enjoy greater comfort and consistent temperatures
•    Save 15% or more on heating and cooling costs, according to ENERGY STAR®
•    Create a healthier indoor environment with better air quality
•    Improve the overall efficiency of your home
Not sure if your home needs air sealing? Focus on Energy can help. Trade Ally contractors are available in your area and can assess your home for leaks and make recommendations based on your needs. Your contractor can also help you receive cash incentives for eligible home improvements. 

To schedule an assessment, find a Trade Ally contractor here or call 855.339.8866.


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Posted March 2019. Updated December 2019. 

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