Trade Ally Spotlights

Focus on Energy wouldn't be where it is today without the hard work and dedication of its Trade Ally Contractors. We recognize the following Trade Allies for their hard work and dedication to the Focus on Energy program.

Arch Electric

Located in Plymouth, WI, Arch Electric is a leader in the Solar PV industry. Owned and operated by Ed and Mindy Zinthefer, Arch Electric was established in 2003 and initially serviced heavy industrial and manufacturing customers before entering the Renewable Energy Industry in 2004. Ed is not only a Master Electrician but also a NABCEP Certified Solar PV installer. Arch Electric currently employs 13 people and just recently moved into a larger facility to accommodate their growing business.

Arch Electric has been using the Focus on Energy Programs with their residential and commercial customers for the last 13 years, promoting energy efficient products and services. In 2016 alone, Arch Electric installed 61 Solar PV systems, totaling over $104,258.00 dollars in incentives.

Arch Electric is and continues to be a great Trade Ally and advocate of the Focus on Energy Program. Thank you, Ed, for your long-standing commitment to Focus on Energy and to helping Wisconsin residents use energy smarter! 

For more information on Arch Electric check out their website here.

Pictured above: Ed and Mindy Zinthefer, owners of Arch Electric

Edison Energy, LLC

ENERActive Solutions, an Edison Energy company, was founded in 2006 as a successful regional energy consulting company. Having caught the eye of Edison Energy, ENERActive Solutions agreed to become part of the wider Edison Energy team in 2016 and are now doing business as Edison Energy, LLC.

Edison Energy, LLC became a Trade Ally in August of 2016 and quickly incorporated Focus on Energy programs into their business model. Through working with a wide group of customers, Edison Energy has found that being a Trade Ally allows them to present various program and Retrocommissioning opportunities to their customers. Their customers like the fact that they can leverage engineering and Retrocommissioning expertise while receiving financial support from Focus on Energy. They also benefit from working with Focus on Energy through substantially reduced study, analysis, and implementation costs of their projects.

Focus on Energy would like to thank Edison Energy LLC. for being an ambassador for the program while looking out for the best interest of their customers. Customer service plays a huge role in Edison Energy’s overall business plan, as shown by the time and commitment they show each and every one of their customers.  

For more information on Edison Energy LLC check out their website here.

Pictured above: Farhan Khatri, Regional Manager at ENERActive Solutions


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