Trade Ally Spotlights

Focus on Energy wouldn't be where it is today without the hard work and dedication of its Trade Ally Contractors. We recognize the following Trade Allies for their hard work and dedication to the Focus on Energy program.

Meyers Electric LLC

Meyers Electric of Rice Lake, Wisconsin is a family owned business started by Dale and Nancy Meyers serving a large area of northwestern Wisconsin. Their son Jake works for the business while Jake’s son Justin works part-time for the business and is going to school to become an electrician. Meyers Electric has been working with Focus on Energy since the program began. They promote Focus on Energy programs, educate their customers, and select products that are eligible for Focus on Energy incentives, on top of always being helpful and speaking positively of the program. Meyers Electric uses incentives as a tool while putting together proposals and participates in all of the different Focus on Energy Programs available for businesses including the Business Incentive, Small Business, Ag, Schools & Government, Multi-family Energy Savings, and Large Energy Users Programs. They also participate as an Exterior Lighting Optimization and Common Area Lighting program Trade Ally.

For more information on Meyers Electric, check out their website here.

Five Builders Lead the Way in Energy Efficiency


2016 was the most prolific year in the New Homes Program’s 16-year history. A total of 2,400 homes were certified, representing nearly 30 percent of all homes built in Wisconsin. We recently recognized five builders and their respective Building Performance Consultants who constructed the most energy-efficient homes in each of five Wisconsin regions:

Thank you to the above builders and consultants, and to all of our Trade Ally partners for building homes that are more energy-efficient, durable, comfortable, and safer than homes typically built in Wisconsin!

Pictured above from left to right: Patrick Miller (Energy Strategies) and Aaron Riendeau (St Croix Energy Solutions Inc.)  

Focus on Energy wouldn't be where it is today without the hard work and dedication of its Trade Ally Contractors.  Featured Trade Allies have been selected by Focus on Energy based upon customer service and involvement with the program among other factors. Please feel free to contact your Energy Advisor or Focus on Energy Representative to see how you can receive this recognition. 

Past Spotlights: