Construction Forms, Inc.

Large Energy Users

Port Washington, WI
WE Energies

Construction Forms, Inc. fabricates assemblies used to pump abrasive materials such as concrete. The process involves plasma cutting and welding up to 24 inch diameter pipe. This generates a considerable volume of smoke and particulate matter. They could have installed additional, less expensive make-up air units and matching exhaust fans to improve indoor air quality, Instead, Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc. proposed a system of filtration units to improve indoor air quality. These units filter out the weld and plasma smoke without exhausting air to the outdoors. Hastings, a registered Focus on Energy Trade Ally suggested to contact Focus on Energy for assistance with the project. The project is expected to have the following annual energy cost savings:  145,789 Therms, 191,793 kWh, and 28.77 kW.

The project had a positive side effect. Tom Hamilton stated, “With the new filtration system in operation, the air has become so clean in the facility that workers feel that the management of the company truly have their best interest at heart”.

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