Appliance Recycling


Make room in your garage or basement by getting rid of that extra fridge or freezer taking up space and hogging energy. We will pick it up from your house for FREE, responsibly recycle it, and give you $35. Plus, you’ll save up to $150 per year in energy costs. For free pick up, schedule today. Appliances must meet all program guidelines in order to qualify for the program.


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Program Details

To schedule your appointment, click the button above or call 800.354.1898. We’ll ask you a few short questions about the appliance you’d like to recycle, and then we’ll let you know what dates we’ll be in your area.

You’ll receive a call 1-2 days in advance of your appointment with a 4-hour window of time when you can expect our team to arrive. The driver will inspect your appliance to verify that it’s between 10-30 cubic feet and in working condition. Qualifying appliances will be safely removed from your home and taken to our recycling center. Within approximately 4-6 weeks, you’ll receive your incentive check by mail.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Standard size refrigerators and freezers are eligible (10-30 cubic feet).
  • Mini fridges are not eligible.
  • Appliances must be in working condition.
  • Two appliances may be recycled per household, per year. Participants will receive $35 per qualifying appliance.
  • Electric utility must participate in Focus on Energy. Check our list of participating utilities.
  • Must be a resident of a single-family or multifamily residence of 3 or fewer units.


Need to replace your newly recycled fridge or freezer? Head to our Appliance Marketplace! Compare energy savings, price, and retailers for a new appliance and be sure to get the best deal for years to come.