Whole Home Energy Assessments

Take comfort in lower energy costs

Chill, Not Chilly

No matter what comfort means to you, our Home Performance Program is designed to make your home feel more like home. The first step is a home energy assessment. Before we get started, take a moment to enter our #chillnotchilly contest for your a chance to get your home energy assessment for free!


Win A Free Home Energy Assessment

Give Your Home a Boost

How does it work? Our comprehensive home energy assessment tells you exactly where your home is wasting energy and what improvements you can make to boost comfort and lower your utility costs by 20 percent or more. Learn more.

Using special diagnostic tools, such as a blower door test, our Trade Ally contractors can measure the airtightness of your home and locate any leakage sites and other trouble areas. By fixing these issues, you can:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Prevent moisture condensation
  • Reduce drafts and increase comfort
  • Improve air quality
  • Increase your home's value

Earn Cash Incentives

Once you're put your home to the test, it's time to decide which energy-saving home improvements best fit your needs and budget. Focus on Energy and the Home Performance Program offer cash incentives up to $2,250 to lower the upfront cost of recommended upgrades. To achieve the greatest benefits, it's best to look at your home as a system with many different parts all working together. The right mix of improvements can make a huge difference in how your home performs.

Choose Your Path



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You're in Good Hands

No matter which path you choose, you’ll work with a Focus on Energy Trade Ally contractor to complete your projects. Trade Allies receive specialized training and have access to program incentives and resources that set them apart from other contractors. To get started find a Whole Home Improvements Trade Ally contractor and schedule your energy assessment.


  1. Find a Whole Home Improvements Trade Ally contractor and schedule your energy assessment.

  2. The Trade Ally conducts a home energy assessment. Arrange to be home to consult with your Trade Ally contractor and expect the process to take 2-4 hours.

  3. Review your customized energy assessment report. Discuss recommendations with your Trade Ally contractor and decide on home improvements.

  4. Your Trade Ally contractor will make the improvements and work with you to receive your eligible incentives based on your overall energy reduction.