Level 1 Energy Audit

What is the value of a Level 1 Energy Audit?

  •  Provides a standardized format to compare and select auditors
  •  Compares where a building performs relative to industry peers
  •  Determines whether further evaluation is warranted and how to focus that effort
  •  Estimates the range of energy and dollars savings
  •  Details available financial incentives from Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy Program

Focus on Energy

After participating in the Level 1 energy audit, the auditor will direct you to the appropriate Focus on Energy program providing specific building upgrade incentives. Commercial and mid-size industrial facilities can take advantage of more detailed review, including engineering analysis and hundreds of financial incentives* to optimize building systems for reduced energy use and greater operational efficiency. 

For more information, download the Program Overview.

Sample Level 1 Energy Audit Report

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*Focus on Energy encourages Level 1 Energy Audits where applicable, but does not provide financial incentives to offset their cost.