Lighting retrofits: making the best choices now to ensure future performance

06/13/2018 8:00 AM
WPPI Energy
1425 Corporate Center Drive
Sun Prairie

Hosted by WPPI Energy in partnership with Seventhwave

LED technologies will last a decade or more, so how can you make the right decisions today that will ensure great performance years into the future? Learn to balance today’s options and costs with long-term benefits.

Most contractors and facilities managers are very comfortable with the “low-hanging fruit” types of lighting retrofit, but with existing T8, T5, T5 high output and ceramic metal halide systems, it is important you address basic soft savings, the benefits of Human Centric Lighting design, performance certifications and advanced financial tools to receive project approval. We will help you make that business case. 

This course will explore types of LEDs that operate with existing ballasts, direct line voltage and dedicated drivers and how these technologies compare with LED lightbars, fixture kits and new fixtures. You will also review considerations when determining if basic lighting controls are cost-effective for your application or if advanced lighting controls should be considered. Learn more and register today.

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