Foundations of Increased Sales & Profits: Residential and Commercial Sales Webinar Series

05/17/2018 12:00 PM
Webinar Series

Course Description:

The goal of this webinar series is to provide residential and small to medium-sized commercial trades with practical solutions to make their business more profitable and successful.   

Quality Management Delivered by John Tooley

  1. Value Creation and Market Approach--Understand that value is defined by the customer, value drives the market and without value creation there is only market push with no pull. Learn the economics of having customers pull your products and services into the market.
  2. Carrots & Sticks—When we want to motivate people, the most common thing to get is dangle a carrot in front of them to get more of what we want and use a stick when we want less of something, using if then statements: “If you do this, then I’ll do that.” If you are asking yourself, "how can I better motivate those who work for me?" this is the class for you!

Foundations of Increased Sales and Profits Delivered by Mike Rogers

  1. Words and Deeds That Sell—Sales are often won or lost long before the presentation. Focus on customer-centered communication, not just what you say, but what you do, to build trust.  Your words matter, and so does how well you’re serving the customer before the sale. Seemly simple in concept, but requiring work to master, this provides a foundation for your sales efforts.
  2. Consultative Sales-- Understand a basic consultative-centered process. Building on the foundation of customer-center communication, this webinar explores how to become an objective, trusted advisor to your customer and how to use a consultative approach to deliver more value…and larger, more comprehensive projects. We’ll discuss the consultative-centered process, resources for a basic selling system, questions to help you understand customer’s needs, and the in-home sales process: opening, identifying needs, showing ability, closing.
  3. Handling Typical Buying Objections--Prepare yourself to handle common objections to moving forward with projects, and practice overcoming them before they are raised. Includes a 4-step objection handling process. .
  4. Pricing Mistakes that Hurt Profitability—Learn how to avoid some of the pricing mistakes that hurt contracting businesses, from determining prices to how they are used by your sales teams.
  5. Better Sales Management for Better Sales Performance­ Discuss some of the frequent sales management questions including sales person compensation, sales performance, management and coaching, and effective sales meetings


1 BPI CEU per session

Instructors Name:

John Tooley:  Sessions 1 & 2; Mike Rogers:  Sessions 3 - 7


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