Express Building Tune-up

Tune into Savings by Tuning Up Your Facility

Building system performance can decline over time even when routine maintenance is performed on equipment. This can result in increased energy bills and lost profits for your business. An Express Building Tune-Up (EBTU) restores the system performance of your current facility, eliminates unnecessary energy consumption, and increases your operating profits.

Business customers of participating Wisconsin electric and natural gas utilities with facilities up to 100,000 square feet (per site) may qualify. You choose a qualified EBTU Service Provider to assess your building systems. Adjustments are made immediately on-site or within days of the appointment. Improvements are valued at an average of $2,000, with estimated saving between $4,000 and $10,000 in annual energy costs.

Do not waste any more money or energy on an under-maintained system. Get your Express Building Tune-Up today! For questions, call 800.762.7077 or email

Are you a Trade Ally interested in providing EBTU services? View the webinar below and complete the Service Agreement found in the Supporting Documents.

Click here to view the EBTU Webinar!



  1. 1

    Contact Paul Van de Sand at or 608.230.7007.

  2. 2

    Answer the pre-screening questions with your EBTU Service Provider to verify eligibility.

  3. 3

    Work with your EBTU Service Provider to implement appropriate EBTU Measures. Click here for a Sample EBTU Application Submittal.

Express Building Tune-up Application