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2017 Updates (effective January 1, 2017)




2016 Small Business Program Notification

As we draw a successful 2016 Program Year to a close, there are key upcoming dates that will be very important relating to programmatic deadlines for participation including the issuance of work orders and final submission of projects.

The Focus on Energy Small Business Program will require that all signed assessment reports be submitted no later than December 1, 2016 to be formally issued a work order under the 2016 Program Year.  Please ensure you continue to apply for work orders in a timely manner.  Please reach out to your Energy Advisor if you have any questions relating to these expectations and rules.

  • Click here to view the lastest information regarding the Small Business Program.


Large Energy Users Program Update - Effective 9/12/2016 - 12/31/2017

Annual Incentive Cap Increase:

  • The annual per-customer incentive cap has increased to $400,000 (Previously $300,000)
  • Effective for the rest of 2016 and 2017, pending adjustments that may be required to address evolving needs and constraints of the overall Focus on Energy Program.

Compressed Air Heat Recovery Measure Reinstated for LEUP Customers

  • See page 15 of the Process Systems Catalog
  • This measure is now available to Large Energy Users Program customers
  • Project must have been started after 9/12/16 to qualify


2016 Custom Update - AgSG, BIP, CSF, LEU and MESP

Updates to rates for Agriculture, Schools and Government, Business Incentives, Chain Stores and Franchises, Large Energy Users and Multifamily Energy Savings Programs are as follows:

  • Business Programs
    • $0.03 per kWh saved. $0.02 per kWh saved for lighting projects under LEU.
    • $100 per peak kW reduced.
    • $0.40 per Therm.
    • Projects are limited to a maximum simple payback of 10 years based on energy savings. LEU customers’ simple payback is 5 years based on energy savings.
    • Custom incentives cannot be greater than 50% of a project’s cost for AgSG, BIP and CSF. LEU customers’ incentives cannot be greater than 30% of a project’s cost.
    • The maximum incentive for a Custom project is $200,000 for AgSG and BIP, $250,000 for CSF and $150,000 for LEU customers.
    • The maximum total for all incentives an individual customer may receive per calendar year is $400,000 for AgSG and BIP, $500,000 for CSF and $300,000 for LEU customers.
  • Multifamily Program
    • Tier 1
      • $0.05 per kWh
      • $100 per peak kW reduced
      • $0.80 per Therm
    • Tier 2
      • $0.07 per kWh
      • $125 per peak kW reduced
      • $1.00 per Therm