FFA to Farm Engine Block Heater Timer Fundraiser

Raise Money for Your FFA Chapter

Focus on Energy presents Wisconsin FFA Chapters with a fundraising opportunity in the fall of 2017 to sell engine block heater timers to agricultural producers with a Focus on Energy participating utility. FFA members will take orders between September 1 and October 27, 2017. Timers sell for $20 each and FFA Chapters will keep 100% of the funds raised. Focus on Energy will purchase and ship timers to participating FFA Chapters at no cost. 

Agricultural producers who wish to purchase a timer must have farm-related vehicles used in the winter that are served by a Focus on Energy participating electric utility. Visit focusonenergy.com/utilities for a complete list of participating utilities.

Engine block heaters are commonly used in cold climates to warm engines prior to start up. The benefits of using an engine block heater include: easier engine start up, reduced engine wear, improved air quality by reducing carbon monoxide emissions by an average of 60% and fast payback in as little as 1-3 months. For convenience, many people leave block heaters plugged in all night (10+ hours), or worse, all the time. To automate the on/off heating cycle, a programmable timer can be used to turn on the block heater at the appropriate time, and leave it on only as long as needed.

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Interested in registering? FFA Chapter Leaders can contact Melissa Rickert, Fundraiser Coordinator, at fundraiser@focusonenergy.com or 715.720.2123 to register. A 'Confirmation to Sell' email will be sent to the FFA Chapter Leader upon registration. Timer order forms will be mailed to Chapter Leaders prior to September 1, 2017.