Real Estate Ambassador Resources

Ambassador Program

As a FOCUS ON ENERGY® Ambassador, a variety of marketing and informational resources are now at your fingertips. This includes:

  • A content and image library for you to leverage across your preferred marketing channels, such as blogs, eNewsletters and social platforms.
  • Informational overviews on Focus on Energy incentives and offerings.
  • Educational facts sheets on a variety of energy-related topics.
  • Discounts on cobranded and printed materials through the Ambassador Collateral Store.

Click the Show Details bar below to access the materials we have available to you. We hope you find these resources helpful as you work with your clients to get the most out of their homes.

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Content Library

Looking to tout your new ambassador status or amp up the educational value of your client communications? Look no further—we’ve created a content library for you to use across your marketing and communication channels. Download the content you’d like to share and use as you see fit.

Educational Material

Claim an Incentive

Is your client ready to claim their $125 off a tune-up of their furnace, boiler, heat pump or air conditioner tune-up? Your client can complete and submit their incentive application here Tune-up Incentive Application

If they have already made other updates, you can find applications for our other residential offerings at

Welcome Kit Mail Schedule

Below is our 2021 Ambassador Client Welcome Kit estimated mailing schedule. Use the first two columns to know when your client's welcome kit will be sent. Welcome Kits are sent based on the date they are submitted to us through the enrollment form and the client's closing or move-in date.

Please note - mailing dates are approximate and may shift slightly.

Month Sent Included in the mailing Welcome Kits Mailed
Clients with Closing Dates on or before: Clients Submitted to Focus on Energy by 11:59 pm
February 1/29/2021 2/10/2021 2/19/2021
March 2/26/2021 3/10/2021 3/19/2021
April 3/26/2021 4/7/2021 4/16/2021
May 4/30/2021 5/12/2021 5/21/2021
June 5/28/2021 6/9/2021 6/18/2021
July 6/25/2021 7/7/2021 7/16/2021
August 7/30/2021 8/11/2021 8/20/2021
September 8/27/2021 9/8/2021 9/17/2021
October 9/24/2021 10/6/2021 10/15/2021
November 10/29/2021 11/10/2021 11/19/2021
December 11/26/2021 12/8/2021 12/17/2021