Lowther Brothers LLC

Richland Center, WI

Incentive: $5,770.00

Utility: Richland Center Electric Utility

Program: Business Incentive Program



Rural Wisconsin communities offer many opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades and are well served through Focus on Energy offerings. As an example of this, a Richland Center shopping mall recently upgraded its parking lot lighting through the Exterior Lighting Optimization program. Lowther Brothers LLC contracted with E3 Coalition - a Viroqua-based Trade Ally that leverages multiple programs to service commercial and municipal entities across SW Wisconsin. 

The mall owners described the process as making very good business sense since the LED lighting offered a 4-year payback, on-bill financing through Richland Center Utilities, reduced equipment maintenance costs, and long warranty.  With this project, the Trade Ally offered to provide the $5,770 incentive as a discount on the their invoice which further helped ease the Lowther Brothers' capital expenditure decision. 

"E3 Coalition bundled the solution in one easy proposal to include the Focus on Energy program rebates and the on-bill financing offered by WPPI.  It all made for a very easy decision to convert all the outside lighting at Richland Square to LED.  The utility bill plus the financing for the LED Conversion will be the same expense as it has been, but only for the next four years.  The conversion will then be paid for and we will save nearly $1,000 per month in utility expense, not to mention how much brighter it is while using much less power" said Mike Lowther.  With this project, the owners have achieved a savings of 1.2 million lifecycle kilowatt-hours equivalent to keeping 5 railcars' worth of coal from being burned.