American Packaging Corporation Rotogravure COE DeForest Expansion

DeForest, WI

Incentive: $110,462.58

Utility: Madison Gas & Electric and Alliant Energy

Program: Design Assistance Program



When American Packaging Corporation decided to build a new facility, a major focus was how to reduce its carbon footprint through technology and building enhancements. This greenfield expansion project required involvement on the part of numerous entities, including utility providers. Focus on Energy assisted with not only the design and energy analysis, but also made the application process seamless. American Packaging Corporation engineering was therefore free from the paperwork side of the process and better able to manage the design and construction, which was critical to this fast track project.   

“The Focus on Energy Design Assistance program helped us realize our goals through incentives, product selections and calculations. I feel we have an amazing facility that looks great yet has significantly reduced the possible energy consumption because of the Focus on Energy program.”

- Josh Voelker, Facility Manager