Trade Ally Spotlight: Five Star Energy Corp.

Founded in 2001 by Tom Bawolek, Five Star Energy Corporation has spent the past two decades helping new home buyers and contractors build high quality homes that are not only more energy efficient but are also safer, more comfortable and more durable than homes typically built in Wisconsin.

In 1999 Tom was one of the first Building Performance Consultants to complete the training and accreditation required to be a Trade Ally associated with the FOCUS ON ENERGY® New Homes Offering. Since then, Tom has trained hundreds of builders, framers, insulators, and HVAC contractors on framing, air sealing, and insulating homes to be more energy efficient, and installing HVAC and duct systems that operate at maximum efficiency.

Tom averages about 500 certifications per year and is rapidly approaching the certification of his 10,000th home. A feat, according to Tom, that was “unimaginable when I started my company nearly 20 years ago.” 

It is the hard work and dedication of companies like Five Star Energy Corporation that makes the Focus on Energy New Home Offering one of the most respected residential new construction energy efficiency programs in the country.

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