Trade Ally Spotlight: Fairway Lighting

Fairway Lighting Logo

For over 20 years, Curt Lenz of Fairway Lighting has worked with WE Energies and FOCUS ON ENERGY® to serve Wisconsin customers with energy conservation measures for their businesses. Fairway Lighting customers can be found in manufacturing and warehousing, retail, hospitality, schools, and commercial buildings.

Designing cost-effective illumination criteria to meet the customer’s end lighting goals is a responsibility that both Curt and his son, Connor Lenz, take seriously.

“We build a detailed, long-term scope for the customer to view. Someone is going to be sitting or working under those lights. What we design and install has to support the work people do in that space – likely for years.”

Similarly, the Fairway Lighting team credits Focus on Energy with providing support for the Trade Allies in the Program.

“The Focus on Energy team helps us do our job. Whether it is answering questions on incentives or providing technical information, it is easy to navigate to the right point of contact to get what we need for our customers.”

Fairway Lighting is an advocate for energy conservation measures. Lenz has found that more of his customers, especially the bigger corporations, are interested both in effective lighting solutions and in minimizing their environmental footprint with energy-efficient LEDs. “Like minds working together can create amazing results.” Lenz said.

To see a gallery of some of those results, visit Fairway Lighting’s website at


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