Trade Ally Spotlight: Auer Steel

Founded in 1940 by Don C. Curtes and Elmer Radmer, Auer Steel and Heating Supply Company has spent many decades practicing its dedication to providing good products and courteous customer service to the heating and cooling contractors of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Part of this dedication involved partnering with FOCUS ON ENERGY® as a Trade Ally contractor. Since becoming a Trade Ally in 2015, Auer Steel has helped thousands of customers save energy and money through energy-efficient product upgrades and services. 

“As an HVAC distributor that only sells to contractors, Auer Steel has been helping Trade Allies win an incredible number of projects utilizing the resources made available by Focus on Energy all across Wisconsin,” said Aaron Ting, commercial sales manager at Auer Steel.  

Auer Steel works with Focus on Energy Trade Allies to provide high-value solutions to customers by identifying energy-saving opportunities and exploring the possible benefits of efficient upgrades. When Trade Allies buy commercial HVAC equipment from Auer Steel, they make it easy to offer enhanced value to customers. Customers and Trade Allies who utilize the resources available help Auer Steel sell higher-end products at an affordable price, compared to base-level equipment with higher operational costs. This earns the Trade Allies more business and provides customers with more efficient equipment. 

Auer Steel’s growth and success has always depended upon its commitment to serve the customer, which has been reinforced through the company’s highly-skilled and motivated employees since the very first day. The company’s partnership with Focus on Energy has helped Auer Steel better serve its overall mission by establishing loyal repeat customers who appreciate the value given. 

Focus on Energy looks forward to its continued partnership with Auer Steel to provide valuable services to Wisconsinites and improve energy efficiency throughout the state.

Auer Steel Facility