Multifamily Product and Equipment Performance

Multifamily PEP

Focus on Energy is offering a holistic approach to providing financial incentives for multifamily new construction projects. The simple incentive structure incrementally rewards property owners as more energy-efficient best practices are incorporated into the building design. Plus, there’s the added benefit of a workbook to guide customers through the entire process, making participation easier than ever.

How it Works

  • The workbook collects information on components of the building’s design, such as building envelope, lighting and HVAC, allowing property owners to see the impact each design choice has on its building’s rating.
  • The completed workbook gives the building one of three ratings - Good, Better, or Best to determine the project’s incentive rate.
  • Additional incentives are offered for conditioned garages and advanced HVAC systems, including ground source heat pumps and variable refrigerant flow.
Base Incentive Structure Good Better Best
Multifamily with conditioned garage $0.03/ft2 $0.11/ft2 $0.17/ft2
Multifamily, no conditioned garage $0.03/ft2 $0.08/ft2 $0.15/ft2


  • Buildings must be served by an electric and natural gas utility participating in FOCUS ON ENERGY®.
  • Buildings must be classified as multifamily which is defined as a single building with four or more living units.
  • Project must be new construction (new building) or major renovation of an existing building (change of space use).

Advanced System Bonus

Installing an advanced HVAC system? Receiving a bonus for upgrading to the following equipment:

  Bonus Incentive
Variable refrigerant flow $0.04/ft2
Ground source heat pumps $0.17/ft2

Ready to get started?

  1. Download the Workbook [XLSM]

  2. Upload the completed workbook and required documents to

  3. Focus on Energy reviews the workbook and issues a formal incentive offer.

  4. Sign the incentive offer and receive your incentive check within six to eight weeks.

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Qualifying Design Elements

Envelope Good Better Best
Glazing¹   Argon fill Argon fill, non-metal frame
Roof insulation     ≥ R-24 with thermal bridging
Wall insulation < R-24 R-24 to R-29 > R-30 
Air infiltration     ≥ 2.4 air exchanges per hour at 50 pascals


Lighting Good  Better Best
Lighting Power Density (LPD) reduction  10% - 19%   > 30%
Common area occupancy sensors    


HVAC Good Better Best
Improved heating and cooling efficiency²  10% 20% 30%
In-unit thermostat Standard Programmable Smart
In-unit heat recovery    


Service Water Heating Good Better Best
Efficiency rating < 90% 90% - 94% > 95%


Fixtures and appliances Good Better Best
ENERGY STAR® appliances  
Low-flow showerheads    


Garage (if conditioned) Good Better Best
Indirect-fired furnace and/or unit heater
Carbon monoxide (CO) sensor ventilation controls     

*Blank boxes indicate code minimum or not applicable
¹Refer to the Workbook for U value requirements
²HVAC system performance requirements are detailed in the Workbook