Aurora BayCare Medical Center

Green Bay, WI

Incentive: $49,000

Utility: Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

Program: Large Energy Users Program



Aurora BayCare Medical Center is a 167-bed, full-service hospital serving the Green Bay area and communities throughout northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  For years they have continually improved on their energy efficiency and a new steam insulation project provided by Life Safety Systems which began in June of 2016 is proving to be a hard hitting energy saver!  The project looked at the efficiency of the steam system in the facilities. Hospitals traditionally use quite a bit of steam to heat their buildings as well as  for sterilization purposes. Multiple facility steam systems were inspected and repairs were made to damaged/old insulation.  Life Safety Systems also made night and weekend set back adjustments to certain wings of the facilities.  As a result Aurora Baycare Medical center has seen annual savings of $67,000 in natural gas.  The savings are equivalent to 79,445 gallons of gasoline, or 668 acres of trees for carbon sequestration.

“By making efficiency a priority and collaborating with our Energy Team & vendors; we have seen excellent results, especially when considering steam projects” said Brian Rasmussen, Manager of Facilities Operations Aurora BayCare.