Director of Administrative Services

Job Overview:

The Director of Administrative Services is responsible for Focus on Energy financial management, contracting, compliance, operational efficiency, policies and procedures, and QA/QC.

Focus on Energy and APTIM

Focus on Energy ( is Wisconsin's statewide energy efficiency and renewable energy program serving the agricultural, commercial, industrial, residential, and schools/governmental sectors, on behalf of 108 electric and natural gas utilities throughout the state. APTIM ( is the Program Administrator for Focus on Energy, and oversees implementation and marketing of its programs, plans and designs new programs, and ensures that the program is meeting energy savings goals and operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee administration roles and responsibilities, including financial management and planning, contracting, and compliance.
  • Establish guidelines and initiatives to ensure quality of information and deliverables at all levels of the project.
  • Regularly review key business process to identify ways to improve and streamline.
  • Manage annual budgeting process and on-going changes to program budgets.
  • Ensure budgets and performance meet all contract requirements. Coordinate annual compliance audit process and position Focus on Energy for successful and clean audits.
  • Work with program fiscal agent on check issues, financial audit, and financial statement preparation.
  • Analyze contractual and financial performance and direct activities to improve performance.
  • Manage contracting process with Program Implementers.
  • Manage subcontractor's contract compliance, performance, and dispute resolution.
  • Establish guidelines for QA/QC of operation.
  • Oversee maintenance of policies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance of the programs with applicable laws and statutes.
  • Ensure communication, integration, and collaboration with Energy Programs, Marketing and Communications, and Planning & Assessment, to ensure that processes are smooth and meeting internal and client needs.
  • Directly supervise and manage approximately three staff members on the Administrative Services team, in addition to outsourced support staff, including legal counsel.
  • Evaluate the Administrative Services team for continual improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the group as well as provide individuals with professional growth.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Minimum of Bachelors and 6-10 years of experience. MBA preferred.
  • Familiarity with Excel and database software platforms.
  • Ability to work independently on straightforward tasks using established procedures.
  • Comfortable with complex administrative challenges, managing teams, and long-term project management.
  • Experience in the energy/utilities sector preferred, but not necessary.
  • Ability to communicate financial realities and trends with clients, staff, and vendors.
  • Ability to apply basic technical skills and knowledge to complete assigned work.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others as part of a team.

Company Overview:

APTIM (formerly CB&I Capital Services Group) with approximately 15,000 employees deployed across hundreds of offices and customer sites globally is a leading global provider of program management, energy efficiency programs, integrated maintenance services, environmental engineering and remediation, infrastructure EPC services, and disaster response and recovery for private sector and government customers.


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